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Rwandan military headed by Mafias, they rob without fear

Gen Kayonga shields fellow Mafia Gen Nziza in robbing the country through the military tender board

This newspaper some time back published an article on the scandal in the defence ministry and promised to expose factors behind the imprisonment of former Secretary General, Micombero Jean Marie who later fled the country when Kagame’s mafia threatened his life.

 A similar article had been published in Umuvugizi  vol. 35 of December 2007 on its 12 page.
 The article showed how Gen Jack Nziza, then chairman Military Tender Board and Lt Gen Charles Kayonga, then commander of Land Forces also Deputy to Chief of General Staff took arms and fought the SG Micombero, threw him in jail and expelled him from the military.

According to information available, the issue between the three senior RDF officers rotated around the tricks in awarding tenders in the ministry. While Nziza and Kayonga wanted control over the tenders where of course they were robbing the country, Micombero was failing them.
How it all begun

Available information shows that between June and October in 2006, Maj. Jean Marie Micombero could have discovered loopholes in tender awarding in the ministry and managed to expose them in a meeting chaired by the then deputy Chief of General Staff Lt Gen Kayonga Charles who represented the Chief of General Staff Gen Kabarebe James who was on official duties in Tanzania.

Present at the meeting was the then DMI chief, Brig Gen Musemakweli Jacques,  and the chief Logistics Gen Nyamvumba Patrick. Normally the meeting would have been chaired by the Chief of General Staff himself but he had travelled to Tanzania and Gen. Jack Nziza had also smelt a rat who urged Kayonga to take over in order to find way of preventing a scandle before their boss.

 In 2006, the two, Jack Nziza and Charles Kayonga are said to have led a delegation of RDF senior officers to  Oman where the two met  an Arab Tycoon Masoud H. Al Harthy who suggested they find him market for military supplies. The duo immediately asked for his proforma invoices .
From the mission Gen Jack Nziza suggested to the MINADEF Secretary General, Micombero the need to buy shoes for the army from a friend he had met in Oman, but the SG did not buy the idea explaining that the ministry had a tendering policy which could not allow getting any supplier without following the tendering procedures. He advised that Nziza urge his friend to apply and compete for the tender.

Instead the advice from the SG offended Brig Gen Jack Nziza who contacted his friend Kayonga to find a way to ensure that the tender is awarded to no one else but the Arab tycoon Masoud H. Al Harthy

 Nziza who was also the chairman military tender board showed urgency with which the military needed the supply of shoes, sent some of his  boys to correct some profomas around town and calling a meeting with the SG, the chairman tender board presented the profomas.

Convincing the SG that they had visited the Arab company, Manar Al Sharq  Trading, the two said the tycoon was the only qualified supplier of the needed shoes and therefore the SG had to award him the tender without wasting time.    

In August the same year, the businessman shipped the first consignment of the shoes totalling to 4,000 pairs keeping the biggest part of the order that totalled to 22,000 pairs. The whole tender totalled to 26,000 pairs of shoes.   The whole deal had been valued at $ 560,000.
While the supplier had send part of the order, the ministry had paid all the cash through a letter of credit in BELGOLAISE bank as agreed with the supplier.

Ironically, without much explanation, the businessman later asked MINADEF to add more money giving each type of   shoes different pricing to which the SG did not comply.
It was later to be discovered that using the businessman, Nziza and Kayonga had raised the value of the tender from $ 560,000 to $ 678,000  making a difference of $ 118,000.

Then Nziza sent his boys to the SG to make amendments in the contract to allow the change of pricing but the SG Micombero refused prompting Nziza and Kayonga to use all their powers to have him out of the office they always wanted to manage.

That is how in October 2006, in that meeting chaired by Gen Charles Kayonga in his capacity as the deputy Chief of General Staff, attended by Gen Patrick Nyamvumba and Gen Jack Musemakweli, asked Micombero to explain why he was delaying the supply of the military boots.

Micombero maintained his stand saying MINADEF had played its role and paid all the amount and only awaited the supplier to work according to the contract and complete the delivery of the boots. To him changing of the prices was out of order after all he had not been given enough reason to do so.

 What surprised the meeting was that the company Manar under discussion had not sent a representative but expressing disappointment with the SG, Gen Jack Nziza  offered to explain on  behalf the company. Not convinced, the SG asked the meeting to call the businessman for his explanations but Nziza refused and when the SG insisted, they let him call.

 Set in a loud speaker, the businessman Masoud said the extra value had been agreed upon with Nziza he said had made all the business deal and only knew the SG he referred to as John on paper.
The meeting had to be called off with every one wondering what Nziza had to do with the tender negotiations.
It was then that Nziza started to look for ways of implicating Micombero in several crimes and sent files to Presidnet Kagame.

Micombero who was fighting against graft was instead charged with crime and was thrown into prison, using his position as the chairman military tender board, Jack Nziza who again falsely accused Ambassador Col Zack Nsenga who had taken over the office of the SG in MINADEF.

In an independent investigation done by Umuvugizi newspaper, it was discovered that the two mafias Brig Jack Nziza and Lt. Gen Charles Kayonga had for long been stealing the country’s resources and up to now they still do without any fear. After failing Maj. Micombero and Ambassador Zac Nsenga,   President Kagame rewarded Gen Nziza with the much needed office of the SG while Gen. Kayonga is now the Chief of General Staff and the two are carrying out their mafia games without any one following them.

Johnson, Europe

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