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RNC Protests Vincent Karega’s Involvement in the Rwandan Community in South Africa while he hasn’t yet been accredited as an Ambassador by South African Government.

RNC questions Mr.Vincent Karega’s presence in South Africa .

In a communiqué from RNC- South Africa branch, members of the organization continue to protest the continued harassment of the Rwandan Government Embassy against Rwandans opposed to the Kigali regime. RNC Members continue to question why Vincent Karega, who hasn’t been confirmed by the South African Government, is busy mobilizing the Rwandan community to participate in questionable meetings.

“RNC questions Mr.Vincent Karega’s presence in this country. RNC can confirm that his credentials as Rwanda’s Ambassador hasn’t been confirmed by the South African Government. Therefore, to mobilize meetings of the Rwandan community in his capacity as an Ambassador –in-waiting contravenes the VIENNA CONVENTION ON DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS.This action demeans us as a nation, where officials continue to abuse the law both inside Rwanda and outside of it”.

The lies spewed by the Rwandan Regime .

The RNC communiqué continues to show how the Kigali regime is built on lies. The song remains the same, “to tell Rwandans that Kigali is clean, that anything plastic is prohibited. Most Rwandans are forced to accept that the country is law abiding and that individual freedoms are respected. That all refugees must return yet the reasons for so many refugees fleeing is yet to be resolved.”

RNC wonders why the Government of Rwanda will stop using falsehoods to further their agenda and tell Rwandans when these lies will stop. But the government fails to tell Rwandans when people who were falsely incarcerated because of their beliefs will be released.

Rwandans aren’t told when the government will stop teaching Rwandans to falsely report on their fellow Rwandans that has become a culture. Lies have become the order of the day. “Those who are supposed to be the vanguard of society are the ones who take the lead in fabricating and spreading lies against their fellow Rwandans. The culture of honesty is now a rarity in Rwanda. Instead, Rwandans are told that those being held in prisons are enemies of the state”.

RNC is against the regime’s propaganda of proclaiming the development of Kigali city, yet it forgets to prioritize the healing of people’s hearts who are thirsty for genuine truth-telling, forgiveness and reconciliation. “Rwandans need a comforting atmosphere where they feel safe and comfortable instead of restlessness about their future”.

“They are tired of a dictatorial regime’s brutality enforced by a self-imposed clique of Kagame’s sycophants who are there to serve his interests regardless of the genuine problems facing the Rwandan population. They are tired of the constant harassment by the regime agents who are supposed to be safeguarding the population but instead are the enforcers of that harassment both in the country and abroad. Rwandans are tired of roaming the world as if they do not have a country. They are tired of a regime which uses state organs to only serve President Kagame and his cronies.”

RNC calls upon all political parties and individuals opposed to Kigali regime to work together cohesively to remove this dictator. “That is why, all Rwandan opposing parties should meet and map out a course of action on good governance in Rwanda in the days ahead. Rwanda needs radical change from the grassroots. RNC is committed to defend and lead in this radicalization of reform for Rwandans in general.

RNC has the capability to resolve and implement this change. But in order to reach our common goal, it needs to pool all our resources together and requires the commitment of all those involved. Change has to come from within our hearts. The culture of forgiveness has to be paramount in our meetings.”

RNC strongly denounces a killer clique that uses state organs to hunt and kill Rwandans both within Rwanda and abroad. “There are people known by name who work with Rwandan state organs who are implicated in the murder of thousands of Rwandans in Congo. These people killed Rwandans in Cameroun, Belgium, Kenya and of recent tried to kill some in South Africa. Some were arrested in those countries where the murders were committed despite the Rwandan state which tried to deny its involvement. Their master planners voices were recorded and heard by all worldwide but still, it is not enough. This brings shame to our country to hear Embassy officials being used to implement these despicable acts of murder.”

“There are families that have completely been decimated, there are thousands of orphans, widows and helpless people who have nowhere to turn to because of the evil acts the regime committed. Poverty is rampant in Rwandan villages, countless refugees abound worldwide. Forceful repatriation is not the answer to their problems. Former state officials fled the country and are not allowed to return. One would think our country was cursed.”

Culture of Mediocrity .
RNC is committed to advancing and returning the culture of tolerance. It is distressing to see the leader of a nation using abusive language and getting applause for it from members of parliament. “Some of these leaders in Rwanda have thrown caution to the wind and insulted married men and parents in front of their children. This is unheard of except in Rwanda, where a President stands before Parliamentarians and insults people and parliamentarians applaud ecstatically.”

RNC is appalled at the way the regime has resorted to using Rwandan youth in acts of espionage instead of advancing their career paths. “ Young boys and girls are being taught how to kill instead of concentrating on studies that will contribute to the advancement of our country. They are sent abroad to be instigators of pettiness in Rwandan communities in the diaspora. Many have been arrested abroad including here in South Africa. This poor upbringing brought by RPF and Kagame’s clique of sycophants should not be embraced, it should be shunned.”

To ensure that this bad culture is eradicated in our society, RNC summarizes its communiqué calling for a gathering by all Hutu’s, Tutsi’s and Twa’s in a self evaluation exercise. “That is why we Rwandans need a day of confronting our issues together, to ask each other for forgiveness, to cry, because we caused this predicament we are in. On that day, we shall ask each other for forgiveness and the forgiveness of the international community, without ignoring any particular group or person, we shall build an all inclusive Rwanda that is devoid of pettiness and unjust ”.
Amiel Nkuliza, Sweden

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