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Why President Kagame staged Gen Ntaganda to surrender to US embassy requesting for ICC handover

Autocratic Kagame's motives of staging Gen Ntaganda to ICC was to sabotage and preempt future allegations of his conspiracy to crimes against humanity given that Gen Ntaganda has always been operating under his command with ill interests of plundering DR Congo wealthy mineral resources

By Gasasira, Sweden
According to investigations carried out by Umuvugizi for several days, on reasons why Gen Bosco Ntaganda took unusual decision handing over himself to the US embassy in Kigali, asking them to facilitate him and hand him over to International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague to answer different charges he committed against humanity , we irrefutably confirm that his action was on express orders of President Kagame who had staged him to face international jurisdiction through Lt Gen Kayonga Charles, the Chief of Rwanda’s Defence Forces and Lt Gen Emmanuel Karenzi Karake, the Director General of national Security Services (NSS).

In a meeting which took place in Kigali on 16th March 2013 which took place a day after Gen Ntaganda’s arrival in Rwanda, escorted by Rwanda Denfence Forces from one of the battalions which is under Special Force Brigade which had gone to repatriate him back to Rwanda with M23 Forces royal to him at the far base in the neighboring DR Congo , was later on given orders after arriving in that meeting chaired by Gen Kayonga Charles and Lt Gen Karenzi Karake, to accept a new task mentored by president Kagame of this time accepting being staged on another fore front of battling with international jurisdiction with intentions of preempting any future related charges against president Kagame who Gen Ntaganda was serving during the time he was indicted of committing those atrocities against humanity in the neighboring DR Congo .

As he didn’t have any other option, Gen Ntaganda decided to execute the orders of his boss Kagame, and woke up early morning of 18th March 2013, to handover himself to the US embassy driven in a vehicle belonging to NSS, after which he asked the Americans to hand him over to ICC for his trial. Gen. Ntaganda who had deeply briefed by Rwanda’s intelligence about the polemics of his charges at the ICC court , was this time calm and prepared to hand him over ICC and answer several crimes that he committed on direct orders of Kagame whom he worked for during that time of commanding armed group in DR Congo which had any tangible political motives, apart from being President Kagame’s channel of plundering Congo mineral wealthy resources after killing thousands of innocent civilians who include women and children.

Information available to Umuvugizi from reliable sources in Kagame intelligence, confirm that Gen Ntaganda had got an opportunity of having a thorough rehearsal on how he should defend himself during his interrogation and after appearing in front of Judges law of the international criminal Court.
Gen Ntaganda was reportedly pleased with the commitment from Rwanda that he will be supported in all possible ways to be exonerated of all crimes against him with ease.

This was after Gen Karenzi Karake, took him into details of the nature and magnitude of his charges and crimes and how he will plead innocent when he appears before the international Criminal Court .

In that meeting of 16th March, 2013, Gen Ntaganda was briefed about President Kagame’s new task , reminding him that he needed to know that this was another battle he was undertaking against international jurisdiction and he was reminded to act brave as Kagame’s ambassador at the ICC.

Gen Ntaganda was also reminded not to betray President Kagame during his time of facing Justice at the ICC like what Thomas Lubanga did , who after being squeezed by the ICC Judges and prosecutors with tangible facts of having committed crimes against humanity , instead he started accusing the one who decoyed him, informing the court that all the crimes that he committed and is accused of, executed them on direct orders of Kagame.

To ensure that Ntaganda’s file at the ICC doesn’t turn like that of Lubanga, President Kagame also directed Rwanda’s Intelligence Chief Lt Gen Karenzi Karake to make sure that Gen Ntaganda gets all support he needed in order to successfully battle all these criminal charges he committed against innocent civilians in DR Congo and Lt Gen Karenzi Karake was supposed to use all possible means either diplomacy or financial support in order to make sure that Gen Ntaganda successfully excels at the International criminal court at Hague without exposing his master Kagame or facing heavy jail sentence.

In turn, Gen Ntaganda was also urged to play his part by doing all he can to ensure that he pleads innocent and was also warned to never dare exposing any support rendered to him by President Kagame which was logistic support ,ammunition and training for him children to join his armed groups which he commanded on different occasions , with no any tangible cause apart from being President Kagame’s bridge to plunder DR Congo wealthy mineral resources and continue styling himself as a Congolese liberator with intention of continuing having a say on DR Congo politics while at the same time continued muzzling independent Media , murdering opposition politicians and harassing human rights defender at his home country with just one common goal of leading a country like a military barracks .

All people used in president Kagame’s selfish interests have historically known of having a terrible destiny of either being murdered or jailed by him.
One of the security analyst who talked to Umuvugizi, indicated that for Gen. Ntaganda being staged by Kagame to handover himself to International Criminal Court , a court he has been occasionally quoted of not recognizing it, shows his double standards of shying away from International Jurisdiction due to his poor human rights records of having perpetuated various crimes against humanity , while at the same time this also showed his true personality of being selfish and unpatriotic leader to an extent that almost all people who served under his command have historically known of having been murdered by him or faced a sad final destiny like that of Gen Ntaganda .

He sayed in these words: ‘’President Kagame has been always characterized by creating armed terrorist groups in Congo with one common cause of disguising himself behind those armed and terrorist group which has killed a thousands of Congolese Innocent Civilians and displaced others with just one common interests of being none apart from being a channel of plundering DR Congo wealthy mineral resources. the disheartening part of it is that almost all he used to command these armed groups and to plunder for him DR Congo mineral resources have chronologically known of having been abandoned by him. President Kagame’s rewards are like that of devil , ask him where he at the long last placed Congolese Col Mutebutsi after using him as a rebel leader who killed a thousands of Congolese Innocent Civilians at a cost of just plundering DR wealthy Mineral Resources for President Kagame . Why did he refuse to hand over Gen Laurent Nkunda to DR authorities after all even Gen Nkunda was also willing to surrender in President Kabila’s hands or being resettled to any another third Country. Gen Nkunda reached an extent of suing President Kagame and Gen James Kabarebe into President Kagame’s Kangaroo Courts but he all over sudden jeopardized his efforts simply because of his ill and selfish interests of fearing that Gen Nkunda could link his secrets due to his conspiracy during the time he was leading an armed group in DR Congo . This is evident that President Kagame’s recent action of staging Gen Ntaganda to International Criminal Court is not action of compiling with international jurisdiction , it’s rather another way of preempting criminal charges against humanity , atrocities which Gen Ntaganda committed under President Kagame’s Interests and Command .’’

Another analyst who also talked to us on conditions of anonymity provided other live examples which proves president Kagame’s selfishness and hostility to international jurisdiction , I Quote him: ‘’ We where shocked when we got briefed that President Kagame had took a deliberate decision of staging Lt Col Rosa Kabuye to both German and French judicially authorities despite an earlier warning by the Germany embassy in Kigali which had tipped her that she could be arrested immediately after her rival at Frankfurt Airport ,if she dared to travel due to the French indictments issued by the the French judge, Jean-Louis Bruguière who was accusing her charges of conspiracy to Murder of French Nationals who were murdered in a terrorist action on orders of president Kagame of shooting down the presidential jet which was carrying President Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi ,in the same cabin crew where the French Nationals who also died at spot with two presidents . After the arrest of Rose Kabuye, Kagame lured thousands of Rwandans on roads to protest and denounce German and French justice. Kagame’s intention of staging Lt Col Rosa Kabuye who was head of protocol in President’s office were non rather than using Lt Col Rosa Kabuye in president Kagame’s ill intentions of knowing details of the whole French Judicial file and preempting the whole judicial procedures which had indicted Rwanda’s top senior military officials by that time who were under commanded of President Kagame. President Kagame’s reward to Lt Col Rose Kabuye heroic action of sacrificing herself on his behalf in order to sabotage the whole French judicial procedure against President Kagame and senior military officials who were at the same arrest warrant , where to demobilize her from her military carrier and sacking her from the post of heading protocol in his office , charging her of having defended her self only during the judicial procedures by the time she was arrested in France rather than defending her boss Kagame. We were shocked when President Kagame sacked Lt Rose Kabuye accusing her also of having been celebrity and prominent politicians yet he is the one who made her so during the time he forced all Rwandans to streets and closed two European foreign diplomatic missions simply because of his ill intentions of sabotaging and undermining international jurisdiction which was acting to break the culture of impunity which president Kagame has continued to enjoy due to absolute judicial immunity yet families of those he massively murdered of different nationality like the Spanish , French ,Burundians, Congolese and fellow Rwandans haven’t up to today got Justice.”

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