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Reasons why President Kagame has continued mudslinging Human Rights Watch and its Executive Director Keneth Roth

Roth and Kagame (alt)

President Kagame's intelligence services take a defensive of mudslinging human rights watch as another way of preempting crimes against humanity it has chronologically perpetuated not only in Rwanda but even in the neighbouring DR Congo

By Gasasira, Sweden
In the past few days, President Kagame’s notorious intelligence services have been squandering public funds from the country’s foreign donors and poor taxpayers into worthless activities aimed at defaming the international rights watchdog, the Human Rights Watch in both international and local media outlets that are given huge ramp some of funds by his intelligence outfit.
To this, the Kagame’s regime aims at nothing than attempting to humiliate and mudsling the director of the Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth and the organization itself with intentions of discrediting its recent reports on the deteriorating human rights situation in Rwanda showing various murders and arbitrary arrests of opposition figures and journalist carried out by Kagame’s security agencies.

Disheartening enough , president Kagame’s intelligence services have continued mudslinging the image of Human rights watch and it’s executive director Keneth Roth , accusing them of defending genocide suspects yet they very well know that it’s recorded in the Rwandan History that it was human rights watch which took a fore front of exposing the massacres committed by the government of president Habyarimana . Human rights watch not only stood at the side of families of victims by that time but it made sure that it ear marked different graves where tutsis of former Nyamata and Bigogwe had been buried into by president Habyarimana’s security and militias .

From 1991 to 1992 Human Rights Watch researchers who included late Alison Des forges, made heroic actions of moving around the country digging out dead bodies from those ear marked mass graves of Tutsis that had been killed and buried by MRND government and this was done when the RPF Government which is mudslinging them today because of their tremendous work they have continued to do of defending voiceless Rwandans ,when it hadn’t even afforded to capture wider part of Rwanda.

Kagame’s ruthless action of mudslinging human rights watch ,accusing it of defending genocide suspects is evident that his regime has reached at the verge of collapsing because it’s not clear reasons as why his government have continued to mudsling Human rights watch with such malicious allegations yet he very well no that Human Rights Watch researchers took a fore front of being key witnesses in cases of different Rwandan genocide perpetrators in the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda “TPIR” .

Not only this but still Human Rights Watch stood with Rwandans who had lost their relatives in 1994 genocide and took a strong stand of convincing the whole world through UN Security Council that the massacres which had taken place in Rwanda was not a mere massacres as negationist where misleading the world at that time and instead Human Rights Watch researchers proved UN Security Council beyond no doubts with tangible proofs including Images of different Mass graves of Tutsi who had been chronologically man slaughtered by MRND party far back from 1991 to 1994.Human Rights Showed that the massacres which had happened in in April 1994 was a continuation of what had been planned by MRND Regime.

Because of all this irrefutable evidence given by Human Rights Watch
together with other human rights organizations like Amnesty International, it’s when the UN Security Council got convinced that what happened in Rwanda was Genocide with the intention of exterminating the Tutsi ethnicity.

Not only that but Human Rights watch Researchers took a fore front to request the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda to investigate and bring to justice key Rwandan senior military officials from the ruling party RPF who had committed different atrocities during the liberation war struggle and immediately after.

The advocacy for impunity by Human Rights watch did not end there but it’s also known of having corroborated with UN commission on Human Rights to issue a report called “Mapping” which consisted of different crimes against humanity committed in DR Congo when Military officers under directives of President Kagame carried out different sorts of murder to Rwandan Refugees who had fled to neighboring DR Congo immediately after 1994 genocide and innocent Congolese civilians who were also caught in that notorious combat operation of RDF Forces which carried out unimaginable massacres most especially that this was carried out by a force like “Rwanda Defence forces” which learnt nothing from 1994 genocide and also forgot the gravity of committing crimes against humanity most especially when they very well knew that their predecessors are languishing in ICTR custody and others have continued living a fugitive life all over the world fearing to face international Jurisdiction.

Of recently Human Rights watch failed to succumb on President Kagame’s blackmail and intimidation and instead issued a report ,immediately after that of UN Expert report which showed how President Kagame and his key senior military officials mentored and equipped M23 rebel group with intention of disguising under that rebel group to capture wider territories rich on mineral resources, as the only bridge to plunder DR Congo wealthy mineral resources .

Like what the UN Expert report had issued ,Human Rights Watch managed to expose the way Rwanda Defence forces were training ,equipping with ammunition, bullets and giving military uniform to M23 rebel group which had continued to murder innocent Congolese civilians and left other displaced to neighboring countries .

In it’s report it also recorded testimonies of children who had deserted M23 forces who testified to Human Rights Watch researcher the way they had been recruited and trained by M23 with help of RDF.

The Human Rights Watch also received indisputable evidence from Congolese Women in territories controlled by M23 terrorists showing various rapes and human rights atrocities committed against them.

Even though the UN Expert Report and Human rights watch issued a report revealing facts of how Rwanda Defence Forces where fighting together with M23 killing innocent civilians and at the same time destroying Congolese infrastructure with just selfish interests of fighting to control the wealthy minerals of DR Congo , Rwandan Defence Forces continued to deny the fact that they were involved in the massacres of innocent civilians which where taking place in DR Congo not until her development donors suspended her donation after finding out that they couldn’t continue helping a country like Rwanda which was ironically using the donation in terrorizing it’s neighbor DR Congo, that it at long last shamefully allowed to withdraw some of it’s forces which were fighting a long with M23 rebel group .

For Kagame’s regime continuing to mudslinging the image of human rights watch through funding publication malicious article against the Human Rights Watch and its executive director Keneth Roth, it’s a shame caused by the way this watchdog has been exposing with evidence of different sorts of murders and human rights atrocities committed by President Kagame.

Just like other ruthless dictators like Kagame at the brink of collapse, are known by their unlimited attacks of such human rights organizations because of discrediting and condemning their different human rights abuses and atrocities that include killing innocent civilians , muzzling independent media, suppressing civil liberties, arbitrary arrests, abductions of innocent civilians, crashing opposition , all those mentioned have been progressively characterizing the autocracy of president Kagame’s regime in just a shortest period he has spent on power.

Also, for Kagame’s regime continuing to mudsling and discrediting the executive director of the Human Rights Watch in various media outlets financed by Kagame intelligence accusing Keneth Roth of having recently made public remarks that one shouldn’t compare the history of Kagame’s regime to that of Israel, according to us we find that the statement made by him was authentic given that comparing the Government of Israel to that of Kagame could be it’s self an abuse to Israel. It’s indeed an abuse to compare president Kagame’s regime to that of Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel most especially that we have never seen the government of Israel cleansing it’s own people it’s supposed to lead like that of Kagame which has been chronologically defined of assassinating it’s own people it’s supposed to lead . The Government of Israel has been only retaliating on those who attack it with one common cause of protecting civilians. It could be an insult to compare the government of president Kagame which has been characterized of torturing it’s own people and killing innocent civilians it’s supposed to lead while the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu some one compares to that ruthless Kagame , is in efforts of protecting it’s citizens by building a bullet proof wall with intentions of neutralizing missiles sent by it’s enemies which has been chronologically attacking it’s territory and killing innocent civilians.

While the government of Israel have been taking this controversial stand of building a bullet proof wall dividing it’s state with Palestine in interests of protecting it’s Citizens , that of president Kagame has been murdering innocent civilians it’s supposed to lead and one can’t end the list of those assassinated by president Kagame’s intelligence in cold blood in just a short time it has spent on power.

Another fact showing that comparing Kagame’s regime with that of Israel is an abuse, is that normally when Israel attacks the neighbouring countries, it is always as retaliation against those who attacked its citizens but we haven’t seen it attacking to loot properties like what President Kagame has been doing of not only empting and plundering Rwandan public treasury with motives on enriching himself but his greediness have progressed to an extent of attacking neighboring DR Congo disguising himself under security reasons and by also forming M23 rebel group which has mercilessly killed thousands innocent Congolese civilians and displaced others simply because of president Kagame’s uncontrolled greediness of using the rebel group as a bridge to plunder DR Congo mineral resources .

One can only compare President Kagame greediness and autocracy to that of late Saddam Hussein of Iraq who once attacked Kuwait with intention of plundering it’s oil refineries but still the autocracy of Kagame has progressed compared to that of Late Saddam Hussein in that we had never seen president Saddam Hussein attacking his own natives in foreign countries they fled to like president Kagame who has occasionally besieged with desires of shedding blood of his opposition and critics in exile where they fled to.

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