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1 Xiao-yan ChenYu-han HuangaYu ZhaoBin MoaHong-xing MiaChi-hua Huang Analytical method for determining rill detachment rate of purple soil as compared with that of loess soil Journal of Hydrology 国外A1
2 Lyu Wanlin, Huang Lei, Xiao Guangquan, Chen Yucheng Effects of carbon sources and COD/N ratio on N2O emissions in subsurface flow constructed wetlands Bioresource Technology 国外A1
3 X. Xin, A. L. Wright, Z. L. He, X.J. Jiang Manganese oxide affects nitrification and N2O emissions in a subtropical paddy soil with variable water regimes European Journal of Soil Science 国外A1
4 Tengxia He, Deti Xie, Zhenlun Li, Jiupai Ni, Quan Sun Ammonium stimulates nitrate reduction during simultaneous nitrification and denitrification process by Arthrobacter arilaitensis Y-10 Bioresource Technology 国外A1
5 Yong Liu, Wenze Yue*, Peilei Fan, Yi Peng, Zhengtao Zhang Financing China's suburbanization: Capital accumulation through suburban land development in Hangzhou International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 国外A1
6 Ni C, Feng J, Cui J, Zhou J, Ni J. An n-Type Oxide Fe0.5Mg0.25Ti0.25Nb0.9Mo0.1O4-δ  for Both Cathode and Anode of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 国外A1
7 Ni C, Ni J, Zhou Z, Jin M. Structural and chemical stability of Sr-, Nb- and Zr-doped calcium manganite as oxygen-storage materials. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 国外A1
8 L. Peng, Y. Zhang Cytochrome OmcZ is essential for the current generation by Geobacter sulfurreducens under low electrode potential Electrochim. Acta   国外A1
9 Hua Chena, Hong Shen, HaiFeng Sub, HongZhen Chen, FuRong Tan, JiaFu Lin High-efficiency bioconversion of kitchen garbage to biobutanol using an enzymatic cocktail procedure BIORESOURCE TECHNOL 国外A1
10 Yuting Zhanga,b, Wim de Vriesc, Ben W. Thomasd, Xiying Haod, Xiaojun Shi* Impacts of long-term nitrogen fertilization on acid buffering rates and mechanisms of a slightly calcareous clay soil Geoderma 国外A1
11 hang Zhu, Jiena Yun, Qian Wang, Gang Yang.* Adsorption of Ion Pairs onto Graphene Flakes and Impacts of Counterions during the Adsorption Processes. Appl. Surf. Sci. 国外A1
12 Danmei Chen, Ling Yuan*, Yiren Liu, Jianhua Ji, Hongqian Ho Long-term application of manures plus chemical fertilizers sustained high rice yield and improved soil chemical and bacterial properties European Journal of Agronomy 国外A1
13 Dongli Deng, Fei Deng, Bobin Tang, Jinzhong Zhang*, Jiang Liu Electrocatalytic reduction of low-concentration thiamphenicol and florfenicol in wastewater with multi-walled carbon nanotubes modified electrode Journal of Hazardous Materials 国外A1
14 Huanling Xuan, Xianzhu Dai , Jing Li, Xiaohui Zhang, Caiyun Yang, Feng Luo A Bacillus sp. strain with antagonistic activity against Fusarium graminearum kills Microcystis aeruginosa selectively Science of the Total Environment 国外A2
15 Tianyang Li, Binghui He, Zhanpeng Chen, Yi Zhang, Chuan Liang Effects of gravel on concentrated flow hydraulics and erosion in simulated landslide deposits Catena 国外A2
16 Hemingjing, Yang ting, Yang zhihao, Zhou hong, Wei shiqiang Current State, Distribution, and Sources of Phthalate Esters
and Organophosphate Esters in Soils of the Three Gorges
Reservoir Region, China
Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 国外A2
17 Hemingjing, Yang ting, Yang zhihao, Li q, Wei shiqiang Occurrence and Distribution of Organophosphate Esters in Surface Soil and Street Dust from Chongqing, China: Implications for Human Exposure Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 国外A2
18 Tao Jiang., Joeri Kaal., Jian Liang., Yaoling Zhang., Shiqiang Wei., Dingyong Wang., Nelson W. Green Composition of dissolved organic matter (DOM) from periodically submerged soils in the Three Gorges Reservoir areas as determined by elemental and optical analysis, infrared spectroscopy, pyrolysis-GC–MS and thermally assisted hydrolysis and methylation Science of the Total Environment 国外A2
19 Wei Du, Rui Li, Xinmin Liu, Rui Tian, Wuquan Ding, Hang Li Estimating Hofmeister energy in ion-clay mineral interactions from the Gouy-Chapman theory APPLIED CLAY SCIENCE 国外A2
20 Xinmin Liu,  Wuquan Ding, Rui Tian, Wei Du, Hang Li Position of Shear Plane at the Clay–Water Interface:
Strong Polarization Effects of Counterions
Adsorption in Simulated Wastewater
Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 国外A2
21 马明,杜红霞,王定勇,康世昌,孙涛 Biotically mediated mercury methylation in the soils and sediments of Nam Co Lake, Tibetan Plateau Environmental Pollution 国外A2
22 Li D, Hui J, Liu S, Ni C, Ni J. Role of a Topotactic Electrochemical Reaction in a Perovskite-Type Anode for Lithium-Ion Batteries. Chemelectrochem 国外A2
23 Zhang Y, Shen H, He X, Thomas BW,Lupwayi NZ, Hao X, Thomas MC and Shi.X* Fertilization Shapes Bacterial Community Structure by Alteration of Soil pH Front. Microbiol. 国外A2
24 Tao Jiang, Ulf Skyllberg, Erik Bj€orn, Nelson W. Green, Jianhui Tang*, Dingyong Wang*, Jie Gao, Chuxian Li Characteristics of dissolved organic matter (DOM) and relationship with dissolved mercury in Xiaoqing River-Laizhou Bay estuary, Bohai Sea, China
Adsorption in Simulated Wastewater
Environmental Pollution 国外A2
25 196. Tao Jiang, Xueshuang Chen, Dingyong Wang, Jian Liang, Weiyang Bai, Cheng Zhang, Qilei Wang, Shiqiang Wei** Dynamics of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in a typical inland lake of the Three Gorges Reservoir area: Fluorescent properties and their implications for dissolved mercury species. Journal of Environmental Management 国外A2
26 Xiaobo Hua, Jianzhong Yan*, Yili Zhang Evaluating the role of livelihood assets in suitable livelihood
strategies: Protocol for anti-poverty policy in the Eastern Tibetan
Plateau, China
Ecological Indicators 国外A2
27 Caiyun Yang, Qi Wang, Paulina N. Simon, Jinyu Liu, Lincong Liu, Xianzhu Dai, Xiaohui Zhang, Jialiang Kuang, Yasuo Igarashi, Xuejun Pan, Feng Luo Distinct Network Interactions in Particle-Associated and Free-Living Bacterial Communities during a Microcystis aeruginosa Bloom in a Plateau Lake Frontiers in Microbiology 国外A2
28 Gang Yang*, Lijun Zhou. Active Sites of M(IV)-incorporated Zeolites (M = Sn, Ti, Ge, Zr). Sci. Rep. 国外A2
29 Lisha Jiang, Chang Zhu, Yujie Fu*, Gang Yang.* Amino Acid Functionalization of Doped Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes: Effects of Dopants and Side-chains as Well as Zwitterionic Stabilizations. J. Phys. Chem. B 国外A2
30 Xiong Li, Hang Li, Gang Yang*. Electric Fields within Clay Materials: How to Affect the Adsorption of Metal Ions. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 国外A2
31 Qian Wang, Chang Zhu, Jiena Yun, Gang Yang*. Isomorphic Substitutions in Clay Materials and Adsorption of Metal Ions onto External Surfaces: A DFT Investigation. J. Phys. Chem. C 国外A2
32 Jiang Liu, Tao Jiang, Rong Huang, Dingyong Wang, Jinzhong Zhang*, Sheng Qian, Deliang Yin, Hong Chen A simulation study of inorganic sulfur cycling in the water level fluctuation zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China and the implications for mercury methylation Chemosphere 国外A2
33 Yong Zhang, Jing Li, Weiqi Zhang, Rongsheng Wang, Qiaoqing Qiu, Feng Luo, Yasufumi Hikichi, Kouhei Ohnishi, Wei Ding Ferulic Acid, But Not All Hydroxycinnamic Acids, Is a Novel T3SS Inducer of Ralstonia solanacearum and Promotes Its Infection Process in Host Plants under Hydroponic Condition Front Plant Sci 国外A2
34 Weiqi Zhang, Jing Li, Yu Tang, Kai Chen, Xiaojun Shi, Kouhei Ohnishi, Yong Zhang Involvement of NpdA, a Putative 2-Nitropropane Dioxygenase, in the T3SS Expression and Full Virulence in Ralstonia solanacearum OE1-1 Front Microbiol 国外A2
35 Jing Li Feng LuoDian ChuHuanling XuanXianzhu Dai Complete degradation of dimethyl phthalate by a Comamonas testosterone strain Journal of Basic Microbiolgy 国外A3
36 杜红霞,马明,孙涛,代先祝,杨彩云,罗锋,王定勇,五十岚泰夫 Mercury-methylating genes dsrB and hgcA in soils/sediments
of the Three Gorges Reservoir
Environ Sci Pollut Res 国外A3
37 王金柱,高明*,何新华,张骞,Natamba LEO,徐畅 Evaluation of Potential Productivity of Woody Energy Crops on Mar-ginal Land in China Chinese Geographical Science 国外A3
38 Rong Huang ,Muling Lan ,Jiang Liu1 ,Ming Gao* Soil aggregate and organic carbon distribution at dry land soil
and paddy soil: the role of different straws returning
Environ Sci Pollut Res 国外A3
39 325. Tianyang Li, Binghui He, Renxin Wang,Zhanpeng Chen, Yi Zhang, Chuan LiangPeng Zhao Comparison of hydrodynamic parameters for predicting soil and water loss on simulation landslide deposit slope in Wenchuan earthquake area, China Environ Earth Sci 国外A3
40 Xiaomeng GuoTianyang LiBinghui HeXiaorong HeYun Yao Effects of land disturbance on runoff and sediment yield after natural rainfall events in southwestern China Environ Sci Pollut Res 国外A3
41 Binghui He, Tian Guo, Huan Huang, Weiming Xi, Xiaoyong Chen Physiological responses of Scaevola aemula seedlings under high temperature stress South African Journal of Botany 国外A3
42 Zhao, Yaqi; Huang, Lei; Chen, Yucheng Biochars derived from giant reed (Arundo donax L.) with different treatment: characterization and ammonium adsorption potential Environmental science and pollution research international 国外A3
43 Zhao, Yaqi; Huang, Lei; Chen, Yucheng Nitrogen and phosphorus removed from a subsurface flow multi-stage filtration system purifying agricultural runoff Environmental Technology 国外A3
44 Peng Xu, Junke Zhang, Dongsheng Ji, Zirui Liu, Guiqian Tang, Bo Hu, Changsheng Jiang* Evaluating the Effects of Springtime Dust Storms over Beijing and the Associated  Characteristics of Sub-Micron Aerosol Aerosol and Air Quality Research 国外A3
45 Longhui Zhu, Rui Tian, Xinmin Liu, Hailing Xiong, Hang Li A general theory for describing coagulation kinetics of variably charged
Colloids and Surfaces A 国外A3
46 Song Li Yu e Li  Xueru Huang  Feinan Hu Xinmin Liu Hang Li Phosphate fertilizer enhancing soil erosion : effects and mechanisms in a variably charged soil Journal of Soil and Sediments, 国外A3
47 Xuejiao Huang Wenhao Shi Jiupai Ni Zhenlun Li Evaluation of laboratory-scale in situ capping sediments
with purple parent rock to control the eutrophication
Environ Sci Pollut Res 国外A3
48 Yi Xu, Tengxia He, Zhenlun Li, Qing Ye, Yanli Chen, Enyu Xie, and Xue Zhang Nitrogen Removal Characteristics of Pseudomonas putida Y-9 Capable of Heterotrophic Nitrification and Aerobic Denitrification at Low Temperature BioMed Research International 国外A3
49 Xue Zhang Shuiying Yang Xinqiang Li Pei Zhu Enyu Xie Zhenlun Li Expression, purification and characterization of a novel acid phosphatase that displays protein tyrosine phosphatases activity from Metarhizium anisopliae strain CQMa102 Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry 国外A3
50 Yu Qiao, Shuiying Yang ,Han Wang ,Zhenlun Li Effect of boron on mycelial growth, sporangiogenesis and zoosporogenesis of Phytophthora nicotianae and the possible inhibitory mechanisms Eur J Plant Pathol 国外A3
51 Qing Ye, Kaili Li, Zhenlun Li , Yi Xu, Tengxia He, Wenhao Tang and Shudi Xiang Heterotrophic Nitrification-Aerobic Denitrification Performance of Strain Y-12 under Low Temperature and High Concentration of Inorganic Nitrogen Conditions Water 国外A3
52 Hui Chen, Li Fan, Wei Wu, Hong-Bin Liu* Comparison of spatial interpolation methods for soil moisture and its application for monitoring drought Environ Monit Assess 国外A3
53 Ai-Di LiPeng-Tao GuoWei WuHong-Bin Liu* Impacts of terrain attributes and human activities on soil texture class variations in hilly areas, south-west China Environ Monit Assess 国外A3
54 Aidi Li, Xing Tan, Wei Wu, Hongbin Liu*, Jie Zhu Predicting active-layer soil thickness using topographic variables at a small watershed scale PLOS ONE 国外A3
55 Xing Tan, Peng-Tao Guo, Wei Wu, Mao-Fen Li,Hong-Bin Liu* Prediction of soil properties by using geographically weighted regression at a regional scale Soil Research, 国外A3
56 LI Yan-Ting, LIU Xin-Min, TIAN Rui, DING Wu-Quan, XIU Wei-Ning,
TANG Ling-Ling, ZHANG Jing,LI Hang
An Approach to Estimate the Activation Energy of Cation
Exchange Adsorption
Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin 国外A3
57 Yumin Liu*, Yu Liu, Yamin Liu, Hongding Liu, Yanshuang Shang Evaluating effects of ellagic acid on the quality of kumquat fruits during storage Scientia Horticulturae, 国外A3
58 Yan Yangyang, Liu Yumin*, Liu Yamin, Li Li, Li Jiajia,Zhou Wenying Long-term banding modifies the changes to foliar coloration of Acer rubrum L. ‘Brandywine'. Scientia Horticulturae Scientia Horticulturae, 国外A3
59 Feng Dalan, Huang Xiaohui, Liu Yun*. J.H. Martin Willison3 Growth and changes of endogenous hormones of mulberry roots in a simulated rocky desertification area. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 国外A3
60 Feng Luo, Zixuan Zhong, Li Liu,
Yasuo Igarashi, Deti Xie and Nannan Li
Metabolomic differential analysis of interspecific interactions among white rot fungi Tv, Ds and Po Scientific Reports 国外A3
61 Zixuan Zhong, Liu Li, Peng Chang,
Haiying Xie, Yasuo Igarashi, Nannan Li, Feng Luo
Differential gene expression profiling analysis in Po during interspecific antagonistic interacitons with Ds and Tv Fungal Biology 国外A3
62 马明,杜红霞,王定勇,孙涛 Mercury methylation in the soils and sediments of Three Gorges Reservoir Region J Soils Sediments 国外A3
63 马明,杜红霞,王定勇,孙涛,安思危, 杨光 The fate of mercury and its relationship with carbon, nitrogen and bacterial communities during litter decomposing in two subtropical forests Applied Geochemistry 国外A3
64 Hanbing Zhang, Zhenyu Song, Dingyong Wang*, Zhangfa Tong, Yuelong Qin A facile synthetic method of ZnO nanoparticles and its role in photocatalytic degradation of refractory organic matters Desalination and Water Treatment 国外A3
65 Jinlong Yan, Tao Jiang, Ying YaoJun Wang, Yuanli CaiNelson W. GreenShiqiang Wei* Underestimation of phosphorus fraction change in the supernatant after phosphorus adsorption onto iron oxides and iron oxide-natural organic matter complexes. Journal of Environmental Sciences 国外A3
66 Yang Zhang, Jiupai Ni, John Yang, Tong Zhang, Deti Xie Citrus stand ages regulate the fraction alteration of soil organic carbon under a citrus/Stropharua rugodo-annulata intercropping system in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, China Environ Sci Pollut Res 国外A3
67 Zhao W Y, Xu W H*, Chai Y R, Xinbin Zhou, Zhang M Z, Xie W W. Differences in selenium uptake, distribution, and expression of selenium metabolism genes in tomatoes, International Journal of Agriculture & Biology 国外A3
68 Li Tao, Xu W H*, Chai Y R, Zhou X B, Wang Z Y, Xie D T. Differences of Cd uptake and expression of Cd-tolerance related genes in two varieties of ryegrasses, Bulgarian Chemical Communications 国外A3
Sunlin Chi, Weihong Xu*, Jun Liu, Weizhong Wang and Zhiting Xiong
Effect of Exogenous Selenium on Activities of Antioxidant Enzymes, Cadmium Accumulation and Chemical Forms of Cadmium in Tomatoes International Journal of Agriculture & Biology 国外A3
70 Yuli Qin, Weihong Xu*, Kun Zhou, Yourong Chai, Weizhong Wang, Chunlai Zhang and Sunlin Chi Effect of Iron on Forms and Concentration of Cadmium and Expression of Cd-Tolerance Related Genes in Tomato International Journal of Agriculture & Biology 国外A3
71 Gang Yang*, Chang Zhu, Lijun Zhou. Adsorption of Glucose within M(IV)-Incorporated Zeolites: Insights from Periodic Density Functional Theory Calculations ChemistrySelect 国外A3
72 Sheng Qian, Heng Zhu, Bailian Xiong, Guocan Zheng, Jinzhong Zhang*, Weihong Xu Adsorption and desorption characteristics of endosulfan in two typical agricultural soils in Southwest China Environmental Science and Pollution Research 国外A3
73 Xiaohui Zhang,lincong liu,Siping Zhang,Yan Pan, Jing Li, Hongwei Pan, Zhiguo Xu, Feng Luo. Biodegradation of Dimethyl Phthalate by Freshwater Unicellular Cyanobacteria Biomed Research International. 国外A3
74 Zhang Chengming, Lai fan, Gao A xiang, Zhou xin bin Absorption, Translocation and Redistribution of Selenium Supplied at Different Growth Stages of Rice International Jouranl of Agriculture & Biology 国外A3
75 Zhou xinbin, Li yingying, Lai fan Effects of different water management on absorption and accumulation of selenium in rice Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 国外A3
76 Zhou xinbin, Xu weihong, wang zhengyin, xie deti Effects of Different Zn Supply Levels on Physiological Parameters, Seed Zn Concentration and Root Cell Ultrastructure in three Different Genotypes of Brassica Species International Jouranl of Agriculture & Biology 国外A3
77 Zhou xinbin, Gao A xiang, Zhang Chengming, Xu wei hong, Shi xiaojun Exogenous Selenium Alleviates Mercury Toxicity by Preventing Oxidative Stress in Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Seedlings International Jouranl of Agriculture & Biology 国外A3
78 Zhou xinbin, Gao A xiang, Lai fan, Zhang chengming The role of selenium in soil: Effect on the uptake and translocation of arsenic in rice (Oryza sativa) International Jouranl of Agriculture & Biology 国外A3
79 Zhou zhifeng, Yao yanhong, Wang mingxia, Zuo xiaohu Co‑effects of pyrene and nitrate on the activity and abundance of soil denitrifiers under anaerobic condition Archives of Microbiology 国外A3
80 Gang Yang*, Xianli Zou, Lijun Zhou. Zeolite-catalyzed Transformation of Glucose: A Review. Curr. Catal. 国外A3