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1 Yang Gang, Zhou Lijun Glucose Conversions Catalyzed by Zeolite Sn-BEA: Synergy among Na+ Exchange, Solvent, and Proximal Silanol Nest as Well as Critical Specifics for Catalytic Mechanisms ACS Catal. 国外T
2 Tao Jiang, Andrea G.Bravo, Ulf Skyllberg, Erik Björn, Dingyong Wang, Haiyu Yan, Nelson W.Green Influences of dissolved organic matter (DOM) characteristics on dissolved mercury (Hg) speices composition in sediment porewater of lakes from Southwest China Water Research 国外A1
3 YONG ZHANG,J IAMAN LI,WEIQI ZHANG,HUALEI SHI,YASUFUMI HIKICHI,XIAOJUN SHI AND KOUHEI OHNISHI A putative LysR-type transcriptional regulator PrhO positively regulates the type III secretion system and contributes to the virulence of Ralstonia solanacearum Molecular plant pathology 国外A1
4 C. Ni, M. Cassidy, J.T.S. Irvine Image analysis of the porous yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) structure for a lanthanum ferrite-impregnated solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) electrode Journal of the european ceramic society 国外A1
5 Hang Xing , Yu-han Huang, Xiao-yan Chen, Bang-lin Luo, Hong-xing Mi Comparative study of soil erodibility and critical shear stress between loess and purple soils Journal of Hydrology 国外A1
6 Y. Gong ,R.Tian & H.Li Coupling effects of surface charges, adsorbed counterions
and particle-size distribution on soil water iniltration and
European Journal of Soil Science 国外A1
7 Min Tang, Yongfeng Wu, Dongli Deng, Jianyong Wei, Jinzhong Zhang*, Dacheng Yang, Guanglin Li Development of an optical fiber immunosensor for the rapid and sensitive detection of phthalate esters Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 国外A1
8 Feinan Hu, Song Li, Chenyang Xu a, Xiaodan Gao Sihan Miao, Wuquan Ding, Xinmin Liu, Hang Li Effect of soil particle interaction forces in a clay-rich soil on
aggregate breakdown and particle aggregation
European Journal of Soil Science 国外A1
9 Y. X. Luo ,H.Li, W.Q.Ding, F.N.Hu & S.Li Effects of DLVO, hydration and osmotic forces among soil
particles on water iniltration
European Journal of Soil Science, 国外A1
10 N Li, H Xiao, J Sun, S Wang, J Wang…F Luo, J Li Genome-wide analysis and expression profiling of the HMA gene family in B. napus under cd stress Plant Soil 国外A1
11 Jing Zhang, Siyue Li, Ruozhu Dong, Changsheng Jiang, Maofei Ni Influences of land use metrics at multi-spatial scales on seasonal water quality: A case study of river systems in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China Journal of Cleaner Production 国外A1
12 Yuting zhang, Xiying Hao, Trevor W. Alexander, Ben W. Thomas, Xiaojun Shi, Newton Z. Lupwayi Long-term and legacy effects of manure application on soil microbial community composition Biology and Fertility of Soils 国外A1
13 Xueru Huang,Jun Zhao, Jing Su, Zhongjun JiaXiuli Shi, Alan L.Wright,Xia Zhu-Barker,Xianjun Jiang Neutrophilic bacteria are responsible for autotrophic ammonia oxidation in an acidic forest soil Soil Biology and Biochemistry 国外A1
14 Zhihui Wang,Yao Meng,XiaZhu-Barker,Xinhua He,William R.Horwath,Hongyan Luo,Yongpeng Zhao,Xianjun Jiang Responses of nitrification and ammonia oxidizers to a range of background and adjusted pH in purple soils Geoderma 国外A1
15 Rong Huang, Dong Tian, Jiang Liu, Sheng Lv, Xinhua Hea⁎, Ming Gao⁎ Responses of soil carbon pool and soil aggregates associated organic carbon to straw and straw-derived biochar addition in a dryland cropping mesocosm system Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environmen 国外A1
16 Xiaodan Gao, Song Li, Xinmin Liu, Feinan Hu, Rui Tian, Hang L The effects of NO3− and Cl− on negatively charged clay aggregation Soil & Tillage Research 国外A1
17 Weiping Liu,, Xinyue Yang, Shouqin Zhong, Founemakan Sissoko, Chaofu Wei Can community-based concentration revitalise the upland villages? A case
comparison of two villages in Chongqing, Southwestern China
Habitat International 国外A1
18 Weiping Liu, Chaoxian Yang, Yong Liu, Chaofu Wei,⁎, Xinyue Yang Impacts of concentrated rural resettlement policy on rural restructuring in
upland areas: A case study of Qiantang Town in Chongqing, China
Land Use Policy 国外A1  
19 Tao Jiang, Dingyong Wang, Shiqiang Wei, Jinlong Yan, Jian Liang, Xueshuang Chen, Jiang Liu, Qilei Wang, Song Lu, Jie Gao, Lulu Li, Nian Guo, Zheng Zhao Influences of the alternation of wet-dry periods on the variability of chromophoric dissolved organic matter in the water level fluctuation zone of the Three Gores Reservoir area, China Science of the Total Environment 国外A2
20 Hai Liu, Jianguo Huang, Ling Yuan In vitro effect of artemisinin on microbial biomasses, enzyme activities and composition of bacterial community Applied soil ecology 国外A2
21 Hongcheng Bai, Shiqiang Wei*, Zhenmao Jiang, Mingjing He, Biying Ye, Gaoyun Liua Pb (II) bioavailability to algae (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) in relation to its complexation with humic acids of different molecular weight Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 国外A2
22 周宏光 蒋珍茂 魏世强*  梁俭 A new hydrotalcite-like absorbent FeMnMg-LDH and its adsorption capacity for Pb2+ ions in water. Applied Clay Science 国外A2
23 Hongguang Zhou, Zhenmao Jiang, Shiqiang Wei* Adsorption of Cd(II) from Aqueous Solutions by a Novel Layered Double Hydroxide FeMnMg-LDH Water Air and Soil Pollution 国外A2
24 1. Yan Yu, Yudie Zeng, Jing Li, Caiyun Yang, Xiaohui Zhang, Feng Luo*, Xianzhu Dai ** An algicidal Streptomyces amritsarensis strain against Microcystis aeruginosa strongly inhibits microcystin synthesis simultaneously. Science of the Total Environment 国外A2
25 Yaxue Luo, Xiaodan Gao, Rui Tian, and Hang Li Approach to Estimation of Hamaker Constant as Taking Hofmeister Effects into Account J. Phys. Chem. C 国外A2
26 Msafiri Y Mkonda, Xinhua He Are rainfall and temperature really changing? Farmer's perceptions, meteorological data, and policy implications in the Tanzanian semi-arid zone Sustainability 国外A2
27 Hui Chen & Wei Wu & Hong-Bin Liu Assessing the utility of meteorological drought indices in monitoring summer drought based on soil moisture in Chongqing, China Theoretical and Applied Climatology 国外A2
28 Qinqin Xu, Lei Zhao, Yongmin Wang , Qing Xie, Deliang Yin, Xinbin Feng, Dingyong Wang* Bioaccumulation characteristics of mercury in fish in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China Environmental Pollution 国外A2
29 Ming Ma, Hongxia Du, Tao Sun, Siwei An,  Guang Yang, Dingyong Wang Characteristics of archaea and bacteria in rice rhizosphere along a mercury gradient Science of the total environment 国外A2
30 Xiaole PENG, Qingju HAO, Tianxue WEN, Dongsheng JI, Zirui LIU, Yuesi WANG, Xinhua HE, Xiaoxi LI, Changsheng JIANG* Characteristics of organic carbon and elemental carbon in atmospheric aerosols in urban area in Beibei of Chongqing Aerosol and Air Quality Research 国外A2
31 Li N N#, Xie W W#, Zhou X B, Chai Y R, Xu W H* Comparative effects on nutritional quality and selenium metabolism in two ecotypes of Brassica rapa exposed to selenite stress. Environmental and Experimental Botany 国外A2
32 Msafiri Y Mkonda, Xinhua He, Emma Sandell Festin Comparing smallholder farmers’ perception of cimate change with meteorological data: Experience from seven agroecological zones of Tanzania. Weather, Climate, and Society 国外A2
33 李雄,祝畅,贾增强,杨刚 Confinement Effects and Mechanistic Aspects for Montmorillonite Nanopores J. Colloid Interf. Sci. 国外A2
34 Zhang H, Mkonda MY, *He XH Conservation agriculture for environmental sustainability in a semiarid agroecological zone under climate change scenarios Sustainability 国外A2
35 Yaxue Luo, Hang Li, Xiaodan Gao and Rui Tian Description of colloidal particles aggregation in the presence of Hofmeister effects: on the relationship between ion adsorption energy and particle aggregation activation energy Phys. C hem. Chem. P hys. 国外A2
36 C. Ni, Y. Zhang, X. Huang, J. Zou, G. Zhang, J. Ni Effect of anode calcination on the performance and redox stability of low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells prepared via impregnation International journal of hydrogen energy 国外A2
37 Zhou Zhifeng, Zhang Zeyu, Wang Mingxia, Liu Yamin, Dai Junshuai Effect of the nitrification inhibitor (3, 4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate) on the activities and abundances of ammonia-oxidizers and denitrifiers in a phenanthrene polluted and waterlogged soil Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 国外A2
38 Dongyi He, Jian Cui, Min Gao, Wenqiang Wang, Jing Zhou, John Yang, Yong Li, Changsheng Jiang*, Yi Peng Effects of soil amendments applied on cadmium availability, soil enyzme activity, and plant uptake in contaminated purple soil Science of the Total Environment 国外A2
39 Jie Zhu, Wei Wu, Hong-Bin Liu Environmental variables controlling soil organic carbon in top- and sub-soils in karst region of southwestern China Ecological Indicators 国外A2
40 Feng Wang, Jingwen Gao, Songmei Shi, Xinhua He and Tingbo Dai Impaired electron transfer accounts for the photosynthesis inhibition in wheat seedlings (Triticum aestivum L.) subjected to ammonium stress Physiologia Plantarum 国外A2
41 Fengwu Zhou, Jian Cui, Jing Zhou, John Yang, Yong Li, Qiangmei Leng, YangqingWang, Dongyi He, Liyan Song, Min Gao, Jun Zeng, Andy Chane Increasing atmospheric deposition nitrogen and ammonium reduced microbial activity and changed the bacterial community composition of red paddy soil Science of the Total Environment 国外A2
42 Zhongyi Li, Deti Xie, Renkou Xu Influence of goethite colloid retention on the zeta potential of saturated porous media Journal of Soils and Sediments 国外A2
43 Jiang Liu, Tao Jiang, Feiyue Wang, Jinzhong Zhang*, Dingyong Wang, Rong Huang, Deliang Yin, Zeyan Liu, Jinzhu Wang Inorganic sulfur and mercury speciation in the water level fluctuation zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China: The role of inorganic reduced sulfur on mercury methylation Environmental Pollution 国外A2
44 Zhenya Tang, Fangling Fan, Xinyue Wang, Xiaojun Shi, Shiping Deng, Dingyong Wang* Mercury in rice (Oryza sativa L.) and rice-paddy soils under long-term fertilizer and organic amendment Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 国外A2
45 Ming Ma, Hongxia Du, Dingyong Wang*, Tao Sun Mercury methylation in the soils and sediments of Three Gorges Reservoir Region Journal of Soils and Sediments 国外A2
46 Deliang Yin, Yongmin Wang, Tao Jiang, Caiqing Qin, Yuping Xiang, Qiuyu Chen, Jinping Xue, Dingyong Wang* Methylmercury production in soil in the water-level-fluctuating zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China: the key role of low-molecular-weight organic acids Environmental Pollution 国外A2
47 杨森,李雄,贾增强,李沁谊,杨刚 Molecular Dynamic Simulations of the Co-adsorption of Binary Electrolytes at the Interface of Montmorillonite and Aqueous Solutions. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 国外A2
48 Huiwen Zeng, Ling Yuan, Jianguo Huang* Negative effects of artemisinin on phosphorus solubilizing bacteria in vitro. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 国外A2
49 Xiaozhong Wang , Chunqin Zou , Xiaopeng Gao, Xilin Guan, Wushuai Zhang ,Yueqiang Zhang , Xiaojun Shi , Xinping Chen Nitrous oxide emissions in Chinese vegetable systems: A meta-analysis Environmental Pollution 国外A2
50 祝畅,贠洁娜,王谦,胡巧利,杨刚 Non-covalent Interactions for Carbonaceous Materials: Impacts of Doping, Curving and their Combination. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 国外A2
51 Lu Junfeng, He Mingjing*, Yang Zhihao, Wei Shiqiang Occurrence of tetrabromobisphenol a (TBBPA) and
hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) in soil and road dust in Chongqing, western China, with emphasis on diastereoisomer profiles, particle size distribution, and human exposure
Environmental Pollution 国外A2
52 He Mingjing, Lu Junfeng, Ma Jingye, Wang Huan, Du Xiaofan Organophosphate esters and phthalate esters in human hair from rural and urban areas, Chongqing, China: Concentrations, composition profiles and sources in comparison to street dust Environmental Pollution 国外A2
53 He Mingjing, Lu Junfeng,Wei Shiqiang Organophosphate esters in biota, water, and air from an agricultural area of Chongqing, western China: Concentrations, composition profiles, partition and human exposure Environmental Pollution 国外A2
54 Jing Zhang, Siyue Wang, Ruozhu Dong, Changsheng Jiang* Physical evolution of the Three Gorges Reservoir using advanced SVM on Landsat images and SRTM DEM data Environmental Science and Pollution Research 国外A2
55 Yanpei LI, Qingju HAO, Tianxue WEN, Dongsheng JI, Zirui LIU, Yuesi WANG, Xiaoxi Li, Xinhua He, Changsheng JIANG* Pollution Characteristics of Water-soluble Ions in Aerosols in the Urban Area in Beibei of Chongqing Aerosol and Air Quality Research 国外A2
56 贾增强,李雄,祝畅,杨刚 Reversal of Cation-Specific Effects at the Interface of Mica and Aqueous Solutions. J. Phys. Chem. C 国外A2
57 Yun Huang, Jun-Long Huang , Tie-Jun Liao Xun Liang, He Tian Simulating urban expansion and its impact on functional connectivity in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area Science of the Total Environment 国外A2
58 Jinzhu Wang, Qian Zhanga, Taoji Gou, Jianbing Mo, Zifang Wang,⁎, Ming Gao,⁎ Spatial-temporal changes of urban areas and terrestrial carbon storage in the Three Gorges Reservoir in China Ecological Indicators 国外A2
59 Fengling Gan, Binghui He,Tao Wang Water and soil loss from landslide deposits as a function of gravel content in the Wenchuan earthquake area, China, revealed by artificial rainfall simulations PLoS ONE 国外A2
60 Msafiri Y Mkonda, Xinhua He Yields of the major food crops: implications to food security and policy in Tanzania's semi-arid agro-ecological zone Sustainability 国外A2
61 王谦,祝畅,贠洁娜,胡巧利,杨刚 Compositional Transformations as Well as Thermodynamics and Mechanism of Dissolution for Clay Minerals. Chem. Geol. 国外A2
62 He Xinhua, Du Zhangliu, Wang Yiding, Lu Ning, Zhang Qingzhong Sensitivity of soil respiration to soil temperature decreased under deep biochar amended soils in temperate croplands Applied Soil Ecology 国外A2
63 Ming Ma, Tao Sun, Hongxia Du, Dingyong Wang A two-year study on mercury fluxes from the soil under different vegetation cover in a subtropical region, south China Atmosphere 国外A3
64 Xuejiao Huang, Mi Feng & Chengsheng Ni, Deti Xie, Zhenlun Li* Enhancement of nitrogen and phosphorus removal in landscape water using polymeric ferric sulfate as well as the synergistic effect of four kinds of natural rocks as promoter Environmental Science and Pollution Research 国外A3
65 Tengxia He,Zhenlun Li*,Deti Xie,Quan Sun . Yi Xu . Qing Ye, Jiupai Ni Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification with different mixed nitrogen loads by a hypothermia aerobic bacterium Biodegradation 国外A3
66 He Z M #, Huang C R#, Xu W H*, Chen Y Q, Chi S L, Zhang C L, Li Y H, Li T, Yang M, Feng D Y, Chi Y X Difference of Cd enrichment and transport in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) And Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) and Cd chemical forms in soil. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research. 国外A3
67 Hongcheng Bai, Zhenmao Jiang, MinjinHe, Biying Ye, Shiqiang Wei* .Relating Cd2+ binding by humic acids to molecular weight: A modeling and spectroscopic study Journal of Environmental Sciences 国外A3
68 Yang M#, Zhao W Y#, Xu W H*, He Z M, Feng D Y Absorption, bioaccumulation and transportation of selenium in three vegetables differing in selenium transport distances. International Journal of Agriculture & Biology 国外A3
69 Wencai Dai, Xin Ke*, Zhu Li, Ming Gao*, Longhua Wu,Peter Chiristie
Yongming Luo
Antioxidant enzyme activities of Folsomia candida and avoidance of soi contaminationl Environ Sci Pollut Res 国外A3
70 F. X. Qin, C. F. Wei1*, Z. K. Wang, G. Li, X. L. Li, Y. J. Li Arsenate and arsenite removal by Fe-modified activated carbon supported nano-TiO2: influence factors and adsorption effect Bulgarian Chemical Communications 国外A3
71 1. Chaoyi Guo, Xiaozhong Wang, Yujia Li, Xinhua He, Wushuai Zhang, Jie Wang, Xiaojun Shi, Xinping Chen and Yueqiang Zhang Carbon Footprint Analyses and Potential Carbon Emission Reduction in China’s Major Peach Orchards Sustainability 国外A3
72 NATAMBA, L,ZHANG, W ZHANG,J.ZHAO, X Climate change causing food insecurity in East Africa: traditional and non-traditional strategies to solve the problem APPLIED ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 国外A3
73 Yan jianzhong, Lihuilian, Hua Xiaobo Determinants of Engagement in Off-Farm Employment in the Sanjiangyuan Region of the Tibetan Plateau Mountain Research & Development 国外A3
74 Chi S L, Xie W W, Xu W H*, Zhou X B, Chai Y R, Zhao W Y, Li T, Li Y H, Zhang C L, Yang M, Feng D Y Difference of Selenium Uptake and Transport, and Related Gene Expression in Three Brassica Vegetables Applied Ecology and Environmental Research. 国外A3
75 Li Y H#, Qin Y L#, Xu W H*, Chai Y R, Chi S L, Li T, Zhang C L, Yang M, He Z M, Feng D Y Differences of Cd uptake and expression of MT and NRAMP2 genes in two varieties of ryegrasses Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 国外A3
76 Chi S L#, Qin Y L#, Xu W H*, Chai Y R, Feng D Y, Li Y H, Li T, Yang M, He Z M Differences of Cd uptake and expression of OAS and IRT genes in two varieties of ryegrasses. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 国外A3
77 Li Y H, Xu W H*, Xie W W, Zhao W Y, Li T, Zhou X B Effect of Exogenous Selenium on Activity of GSH-px and Uptake and Conversion of Selenium in Several Brassica Vegetables International Journal of Agriculture & Biology 国外A3
78 Luyao Wang & Hongguang Zhou & Jie Liu & Jie Chen &Shiqiang Wei & Zhenmao Jiang Effect of Humic Acid on the Nitrate Removal by Strong Base Anion Exchanger Supported Nanoscale Zero-valent Iron Composite Water Air Soil Pollut 国外A3
79 Zhou xinbin, Li yingying Effect of iron plaque and selenium on mercury uptake and translocation in rice seedlings grown in solution culture Environmental Science and Pollution Research 国外A3
80 Le Qi,  Hai-Dong Niu, Peng Zhou, Rui-Jie Jia and Ming Gao * Effects of Biochar on the Net Greenhouse Gas Emissions under Continuous Flooding and Water-Saving Irrigation Conditions in Paddy Soils Sustainability 国外A3
81 Li T, Chen X G, Xu W H*,Chi S L, Li Y H, Zhang C L, Wang Z Y Effects of Coated Slow-release Fertilizer with Urease and Nitrification Inhibitors on Nitrogen Release Characteristic and Uptake and Utilization of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in Cabbage. International Journal of Agriculture & Biology 国外A3
82 彭景,邹温馨,田锐,李航,刘新敏* Effects of dielectric decrement on surface potential in mixed electrolyte solution Chinese Physics B 国外A3
83 Qin Y L#, Li X C#, Xu W H*, Chai Y R, Chi S L, Wang W Z, Li T, Huang C R, Zheng Y H. Effects of exogenous cadmium on activity of antioxidant enzyme, Cd uptake and chemical forms of ryegrass. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research 国外A3
84 Zhou xinbin, Jia zhongmin, Wang Daibin Effects of Limited Phosphorus Supply on Growth, Root Morphology and Phosphorus Uptake in Citrus Rootstocks Seedlings International Journal of Agriculture & Biology 国外A3
85 Li Yingying, Yu Shuhui, Zhou xinbin Effects of phosphorus on absorption and transport of selenium in rice seedlings Environmental Science and Pollution Research 国外A3
86 Gao axiang, zhou xinbin, zhang chengming & He xinhua Effects of phosphorus on uptake and translocation of
methylmercury in rice
Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry 国外A3
87 Zhao W Y, Wang W Z, Xu W H*, Chai Y R, Xie W W, Chi S L Effects of Selenium on Activity of Glutathione Peroxidase, and Expression of Selenium Metabolism Related Genes in Brassica. Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry. 国外A3
88 Rong Huang,Ming Gao⁎,Jiang Liu Effects of Soil Conditioners on Aggregate Stability
in a Clay Loam Soil: A Comparison Study of
Biomass Ash with Other Four Conditioners
Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 国外A3
89 Xuejiao Huang, Jiupai Ni, Chong Yang, Mi Feng, Zhenlun Li,Deti Xie Efficient ammonium removal by bacteria Rhodopseudomonas isolated from natural landscape waterChina case study Water 国外A3
90 Peng Chang, Wenjuan Wang, Yasuo Igarashi, Feng Luo, Jiangye Chen Efficient vector systems for economical and rapid epitope-tagging and overexpression in Candida albicans Journal of Microbiologic Methods 国外A3
91 Peng Chang, Wenjuan Wang, Feng Luo, Yasuo Igarashi, Jiangye Chen Functional analysis of three LisH-containing proteins in the hyphal development of Candida albicans Sydowia 国外A3
92 Cheng-Ming Zhang , Wan-Yi Zhao , A-Xiang Gao, Ting-Ting Su , Yan-Kun Wang, Yue-Qiang Zhang,
Xin-Bin Zhou , and Xin-Hua He
how could agronomic biofortification of rice be an alternative strategy with higher cost-effectiveness for human Food and Nutrition Bulletin 国外A3
93 Wang W Z, Chi S L, Xu W H*, Zhang C L Influence of long-term chicken manure application on the concentration of soil tetracycline antibiotics and resistant bacteria variations Applied Ecology and Environmental Research 国外A3
94 Zhong Z, Li N, Liu L, He B, Igarashi Y, Luo F Label-free differentially proteomic analysis of interspecific interaction between white-rot fungi highlights oxidative stress response and high metabolic activity Fungal Biology 国外A3
95 Xiaozhong Wang, Chunqin Zou, Xiaopeng Gao, Xilin Guan, Yueqiang Zhang, Xiaojun Shi,Xinping Chen Nitrate leaching from open-field and greenhouse vegetable systems in China: a meta-analysis Environmental Science and Pollution Research 国外A3
96 Tengxia He, Qing Ye,  Quan Sun, Xi Cai, Jiupai N, Zhenlun Li, Deti Xie Removal of nitrate in simulated water at low temperature by a novel psychrotrophic and aerobic bacterium, Pseudomonas taiwanensis strain J Biomed research international 国外A3
97 Zhang C L, Chen Y Q, Xu W H*, Chi S L, Li T, Li Y H, He Z M, Yang M, Feng D Y Resistance of alfalfa and Indian mustard to Cd, and the correlation of plant Cd uptake and soil Cd form Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 国外A3
98 Jianbo Cheng, Yucheng Chen*, Tengbing He, Renjun Liao, Renlu Liu,Man Yi, Lei Huang, Zhimin Yang, Tianling Fu, Xiangying Li Soil nitrogen leaching decreases as biogas slurry DOC/N ratio increases Applied Soil Ecology 国外A3
99 Tianyang Li, Chunyi Wang, Binghui He, Chuan Liang, Yi Zhang, Yuqi Zhang Soil nutrient concentrations and stoichiometry under different tree-cropping systems in a purple hillslope in southwestern China Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 国外A3
100 王金亮,倪九派,陈成龙,谢德体,邵景安,樊芳玲,雷平 Source-sink landscape spatial characteristics and effect on non-point source pollution in a small catchment of the Three Gorge Reservoir Region Journal of mountain science 国外A3
101 贠洁娜,祝畅,王谦,胡巧利,杨刚 Strong Affinity of Mineral Dusts for Sulphur Dioxide and Catalytic Mechanisms towards Acid Rain Formation. Catal. Commun. 国外A3
102 Yuping Xiang, Yongmin Wang, Cheng Zhang, Hong Shen*, Dingyong Wang* Water level fluctuations influence microbial communities and mercury methylation in soils in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China Journal of Environmental Sciences 国外A3