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1 倪呈圣,曾琦淼,何德波,谢德体,John Irvine, 谢德体,段书凯,倪九派 B-site doped perovskite ferrate for efficient anode of a solid oxide fuel cell with in situ metal exsolution Journal of Materials Chemistry A 国外T
2 Fangxin Chen, Xiaoyan Wang, Xinxin Li, Jingliang Wang, Deti Xie, Jiupai Ni, Yaojun Liu Using the sediment fingerprinting method to identify the sediment sources in small catchments with similar geological conditions Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 国外A1
3 Xuejiao Huang, Yi Xu, Tengxia He, Hongjie Jia, Mi Feng, Shudi Xiang, Shutong Wang, Jiupai Ni,
Deti Xie⁎, Zhenlun Li
Ammonium transformed into nitrous oxide via nitric oxide by Pseudomonas putida Y-9 under aerobic conditions without hydroxylamine as intermediate Bioresource Technology 国外A1
4 XuejiaoHuang YaxinWang JiupaiNi DetiXie ZhenlunLi Metal oxide nanoparticles resonate to ammonium removal through influencing Mg2+ absorption by Pseudomonas putida Y-9 Bioresource Technology 国外A1
5 Li N*, Zhang Y, Meng H, Li S, Wang S, Xiao Z, Chang P, Zhang X, Li Q, Guo L, Igarashi Y, Luo F.* Characterization of Fatty Acid Exporters involved in fatty acid transport for oil accumulation in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Biotechnology for Biofuels 国外A1
6 Zhongchun Xiao, Chao Zhang, Fang Tang, Bo Yang, ,Shufeng Wang, Shengting Li, Lijuan Wei1,3, Hai Du, Cunmin Qu, Kun Lu, Jiana Li and Nannan Li Identification of candidate genes controlling oil content by combination of genome-wide association and transcriptome analysis in the oilseed crop Brassica napus Biotechnology for Biofuels 国外A1
7 H.R.S. Abdellatif, G. Zhang, X. Wang, D. Xie, J.T.S. Irvine, J. Ni, C. Ni Boosting photocatalytic oxidation on graphitic carbon nitride for efficient photocatalysis by heterojunction with graphitic carbon units Chem.Eng.J.(Lausanne) 国外A1
8 贠洁娜,祝畅,王谦,胡巧利,杨刚 Catalytic Conversions of Atmospheric Sulfur Dioxide and Formation of Acid Rain over Mineral Dusts: Molecular Oxygen as the Oxygen Source Chemosphere 国外A1
9 Ming Ma, Hongxia Du, Dingyong Wang Mercury methylation by anaerobic microorganisms: a review Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 国外A1
10 王谦,祝畅,黄笑笑,杨刚 Abiotic Reduction of Uranium(VI) with Humic Acid at Mineral Surfaces: Competing Mechanisms, Ligand and Substituent Effects, and Electronic Structure and Vibrational Properties Environmental Pollution 国外A1
11 张务帅,梁政渊,何晓明,王孝忠,石孝均,邹春琴,陈新平* The effects of controlled release urea on maize productivity and reactive nitrogen losses: A meta-analysis Environmental Pollution 国外A1
12 Tao Sun, Ming Ma, Xun Wang, Yongmin Wang, Hongxia Du, Yuping Xiang, Qinqin Xu, Qing Xie, Dingyong Wang* Mercury Transport, Transformation and Mass Balance on a Perspective of Hydrological Processes in a Subtropical Forest of China Environmental Pollution 国外A1
13 Wang Xun; Yuan Wei; Feng Xinbin *; Wang Dingyong; Luo Ji Moss facilitating mercury, lead and cadmium enhanced accumulation in organic soils over glacial erratic at Mt. Gongga Environmental Pollution 国外A1
14 李忠意,刘源,汪登俊,王朋顺,徐仁扣,谢德体 Characterizing surface electrochemical properties of simulated bulk soil in situ by streaming potential measurements European Journal of Soil Science 国外A1
15 Xinmin Liu*, Rui Tian, Wuquan Ding, Laosheng Wu, Hang Li Role of ionic polarization and dielectric decrement in the
estimation of surface potential of clay particles
European Journal of Soil Science 国外A1
16 Xinmin Liu, Ting Yang, Hang Li, Laosheng Wu* Effects of interactions between soil particles and electrolytes
on saturated hydraulic conductivity
European Journal of Soil Science 国外A1
17 L.Y. PENG, J.G. HUANG, L. YUAN Biological mobilization of potassium from soil by thirteen Suillus species and ectomycorrhizal Pinus massoniana Lamb. seedlings European Journal of Soil Science 国外A1
18 Tong Zhang, Yuheng Yang, Jiupai Ni, Deti Xie* Adoption behavior of cleaner production techniques to control agricultural non-point source pollution: A case study in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area Journal of Cleaner Production 国外A1
19 祁乐, Prem Pokharel , 倪呈圣, 周鹏,牛海东, 王子芳*,  高明 * Biochar changes thermal activation of greenhouse gas emissions in a
riceelettuce rotation microcosm experiment
Journal of Cleaner Production 国外A1
20 Tengxia He, Deti Xie, Jiupai Ni, Zhenlun Li Ca(II) and Mg(II) significantly enhanced the nitrogen removal capacity of Arthrobacter arilaitensis relative to Zn(II) and Ni(II) Journal of Hazardous Materials 国外A1
21 Deliang Yin, Yongmin Wang*, Yuping Xiang, Qinqin Xu, Qing Xie, Cheng Zhang, Jiang Liu, Dingyong Wang* Production and migration of methylmercury in water-level-fluctuating zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China: Dual roles of flooding-tolerant perennial herb Journal of Hazardous Materials 国外A1
22 Weiping Liu, Shida Rastegari Henneberry, Jiupai Ni, Riza Radmehr, Chaofu Wei Socio-cultural roots of rural settlement dispersion in Sichuan Basin: The perspective of Chinese lineage Land Use Policy 国外A1
23 张勇,张洧琪,韩亮亮,李静,石孝均,曳地康史,大西浩平 Involvement of a PadR regulator PrhP on virulence of Ralstonia solanacearum by controlling detoxification of phenolic acids and type III secretion system MOLECULAR PLANT PATHOLOGY 国外A1
24 Wang S, Sun J, Li S, Lu K, Meng H, Xiao Z, Zhang Z, Li J, Luo F, Li N.* Physiological, genomic and transcriptomic comparison of two Brassica napus cultivars with contrasting cadmium tolerance Plant and Soil 国外A1
25 Juanjuan SunShengting LiShufeng WangZhongchun XiaoZhen ZhangYasuo Igarashi, Jiana LiFeng LuoNannan Li Characterization of the main magnesium transporters mediating different Mg translocation from root to shoot between Mg-tolerant and Mg-sensitive Brassica napus cultivars under magnesium deficiency stress Plant and Soil 国外A1
26 Danmei Chen & Jianguo Huang & Ling Yuan A new function of the biocontrol bacterium Lysobacter enzymogenes LE16 in the mineralization of soil organic phosphorus plant Soil 国外A1
27 Qingju Hao, Shijie Chen, Xue Ni, Xiaoxi Li, Xinhua He, Changsheng Jiang Methane and nitrous oxide emissions from the drawdown areas of the
Three Gorges Reservoir
Science of the Total Environment 国外A1
28 何明靖,卢俊峰,汪军,魏世强,Kimberly J. Hageman Phthalate esters in biota, air and water in an agricultural area of westernChina, with emphasis on bioaccumulation and human exposure Science of the Total Environment 国外A1
29 Chaoren Deng, Lei Huang, Yinkun Liang, Hongyu Xiang, JieJiang, Qinghua Wang, Jie Hou, Yucheng Chen Response of microbes to biochar strengthen nitrogen removal in subsurface flow constructed wetlands: Microbial community structure and metabolite characteristics Science of the Total Environment 国外A1
30 Zhihui Wang,Yanqiang Cao, Xia Zhu-Barker, Graeme W. Nicol,Alan L. Wright,Zhongjun Jia,Xianjun Jiang Different ammonia oxidizers are responsible for nitrification in two neutral paddy soils Soil  and Tillage research 国外A1
31 Runhua Zhang, Rui Tian, Longhui Zhu, Zhaoxuan Yu, Dian Liu Bo Feng, Hang Li* Water infiltration under different CaCl2 concentrations for soil with mainly permanent charges Soil  and Tillage research 国外A1
32 Zhihui Wang,Yanqiang Cao, Xia Zhu-Barker, Graeme W. Nicol,Alan L. Wright,Zhongjun Jia,Xianjun Jiang Comammox Nitrospira clade B contributes to nitrification in soil Soil Biology and Biochemistry 国外A1
33 李天阳,李思悦,梁川,何丙辉,Richard T. Bush Erosion vulnerability of sandy clay loam soil in Southwest China: Modeling soil detachment capacity by flume simulation CATENA 国外 A2
34 李天阳,李思悦,梁川 The immediate effects of downslope cornstalk mulch (DCM) on sediment yield, runoff and runoff-associated dissolved carbon loss in a representative hillslope, Southwestern China CATENA 国外 A2
35 Tengxia He, Deti Xie, Jiupai Ni, Xi Cai, Zhenlun Li Investigating the effect of copper and magnesium ions on nitrogen removal capacity of pure cultures by modified non-competitive inhibition model Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 国外 A2
36 Xi Cai, Kaili Li, Tengxia He, Yaxin Wang, Xue Zhang, Enyu Xie, Ningning Ding  and Zhenlun Li Characteristics of Heterotrophic Nitrifying and Aerobic Denitrifying Arthrobacter nicotianae D51 Strain in the Presence of Copper Water 国外 A2
37 Lei Li, Chao Yuan, Bangda Wang, Xingrun Wang, Yucheng Chen Abiotic humification of phenolic pollutant to form a hybrid adsorbent for toxic metals by LDH based composite Applied Clay Science 国外A2
38 Luo Xie, *He Xinhua, Luo Xiumei, Liu YN, Wang Junqi, *Dong Jinyan. Soil organic carbon shapes AMF communities in soils and roots of Cynodon dactylon under anti-seasonal drying-wetting cycles. Diversity 国外A2
39 Wang Feng, Gao Jingwen, Shi Songmei, He Xinhua, Dai Tingbo. Impaired electron transfer accounts for the photosynthesis inhibition in wheat seedlings (Triticum aestivum L.) subjected to ammonium stress. Physiologia Plantarum 国外A2
40 李沁谊,李雄,杨森,杨刚 Structure, Dynamics and Stability of Water Molecules during the Interfacial Interaction with Clay Minerals: Strong Dependence on Surface Charges ACS Omega 国外A2
41 Xinmin Liu*, Rui Tian, Wei Du, Rui Li, Wuquan Ding, Hang Li A theory to determine the surface potentials of clay particles in electrolyte solutions Applied Clay Science 国外A2
42 Xiaodan Gaoa, Rui Tiaa, Xinmin Liu, Hualing Zhua, Ying Tanga, Chenyang Xua,
Ghulam Mustafa Shahc, Hang Li
Specific ion effects of Cu2+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ on montmorillonite
Applied Clay Science 国外A2
43 Rong Huang, Yingyan Wang, Jiang Liu, Jiacheng Li, Guoxin Xu, Mei Luo, Chang Xu,
En Cia⁎, Ming Gao⁎
Variation in N2O emission and N2O related microbial functional genes in
straw- and biochar-amended and non-amended soils
Applied Soil Ecology 国外A2
44 Zhou zhfieng, Wei Wanling, Shi Xiaojun, Liu Yamiin, He Xinhua, Wang Mingxia Twenty-six years of chemical fertilization decreased soil RubisCO activity and changed the ecological characteristics of soil cbbL-carrying bacteria in an entisol Applied Soil Ecology 国外A2
45 张宇亭,高新磊,郝熙英,Trevor Alexander,石孝均,金龙,Ben Thomas Heavy grazing over 64 years reduced soil bacterial diversity in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Canada Applied Soil Ecology 国外A2
46 何明靖 Organophosphate Esters in Road Dust from a Suburban Area of Chongqing, China: Characterization of Particle Size Distribution and Human Exposure Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 国外A2
47 邹先立,祝畅,王谦,杨刚 Catalytic Conversions of Biomass Sugars to HMF Biofuel Bioprod. Bior. 国外A2
48 Wei Hu, Qing Di, Zhijin Wang, Yimo Zhang, Jie Zhang, Jia Liu and Xiaojun Shi* Grafting alleviates potassium stress and improves growth in tobacco BMC Plant Biology 国外A2
49 Jiahong Tang, Zhen Han, Shouqin Zhong, En Ci, Chaofu Wei Changes in the profile characteristics of cultivated soils obtained fromreconstructed farming plots undergoing agricultural intensification in a hilly mountainous region in southwest China with regard to anthropogenic pedogenesis Catena 国外A2
50 祝畅,王谦,黄笑笑,贠洁娜,胡巧利,杨刚 Adsorption of Amino Acids at Clay Surfaces and Implication for Biochemical Reactions: Role and Impact of Surface Charges Colloid Surf. B 国外A2
51 zhu LH, Li ZY, Tian R, Li H Specific ion effects of divalent cations on the aggregation of positively
charged goethite nanoparticles in aqueous suspension
Colloids and Surfaces A 国外A2
52 C. Ni, D. Carolan, J. Hui, C. Rocks, D. Padmanaban, J. Ni, D. Xie, Z. Fang, J. Irvine, P. Maguire, D. Mariotti Evolution of anodic product from Mo metal in absolute ethanol and humidity sensing under an ambient condition Cryst. Growth Des 国外A2
53 韩珍,宋丹丹,李馨欣,黄平,马茂华 Response of soil erosion and sediment sorting to the transport mechanism on a steep rocky slope Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 国外A2
54 王盼、阎建忠、花晓波、杨柳 Determinants of livelihood choice and implications for targeted poverty reduction policies: A case study in the YNL river region, Tibetan Plateau Ecological Indicators 国外A2
55 黄云,廖铁军 An integrating approach of cellular automata and ecological network to predict the impact of land use change on connectivity Ecological Indicators 国外A2
56 Tao Sun, Ming Ma, Hongxia Du, Xun Wang*, Yongjiang Zhanga, Yongmin Wang, Dingyong Wang* Effect of Different Rotation Systems on Mercury Methylation in Paddy Fields Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 国外A2
57 Hongcheng Bai, Shiqiang Wei*, Zhenmao Jiang, Mingjing He, Biying Ye, Gaoyun Liu Pb (II) bioavailability to algae (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) in relation to its complexation with humic acids of different molecular weight Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 国外A2
58 Jiang Liu,Tao Jiang, Donlly N.Kothawala, Qilei Wang, Zheng Zhao, Dingyong Wang, Zhijian Mu, Jinzhong Zhang Rice-paddy field acts as a buffer system to decrease the terrestrial characteristics of dissolved organic matter exported from a typical small agricultural watershed in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China Environmental Science and Pollution Research 国外A2
59 Tianlin Liu, Zhihui Wang,Shuling Wang,Yongpeng Zhao,Alan L. Wright,Xianjun Jiang Responses of ammonia-oxidizers and comammox to different long-term fertilization regimes in a subtropical paddy soil European Journal of Soil Biology 国外A2
60 Danmei Chen1, Yuqi Duan, Yan Jin, Yuhong YangLing Yuan Soil quality and microbiology in response to fertilizations in a paddy-upland rotation with multiple crops and frequent tillage Experimental Agriculture 国外A2
61 张洧琪,李静,石孝均,曳地康史,张勇,大西浩平 Functional Characterization of Two Putative DAHP Synthases of AroG1 and AroG2 and Their Links With Type III Secretion System in Ralstonia solanacearum FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY 国外A2
62 Yu Wan, Xiaohong Ruan , JieWang and Xiaojun Shi* Spatial and Seasonal Variations in the Abundance of Nitrogen-Transforming Genes and the Microbial Community Structure in Dierent Trophic StatusesFreshwater Lakes with Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 国外A2
63 Q. Zeng, X. Liu, D. Xie, J. Ni, C. Ni A strontium-free and iron-based oxygen electrode for solid-oxide electrochemical cells (SOCs) Int.J.Hydrogen Energy 国外A2
64 Hongxia Du, Ming Ma, Tao Sun,  Siwei An, Yasuo Igarashi, Dingyong Wang Methyl and Total Mercury in Different Media and Associated Fluxes in a Watershed Forest,Southwest China International journal of environmental research and public health 国外A2
65 Qinyi Li, Sen Yang, Ying Tang, Gang Yang,* and Hang Li* Asymmetric Hybridization Orbitals at the Charged Interface Initiates New Surface Reactions: A Quantum Mechanics Exploration J. Phys. Chem. C 国外A2
66 Lei HuangNing WangChaoren DengYinkun LiangQinghua WangMaolin LiuYucheng Chen Interactive effect of carbon source with influent COD/N on nitrogen removal and microbial community structure in subsurface flow constructed wetlands Journal of Environmental Management 国外A2
67 Yongmin Wang, Qing Xie, Qinqin Xu, Jinping Xue,Cheng Zhang, Dingyong Wang* Mercury bioaccumulation in fish in an artificial lake used to carry out cage culture Journal of Environmental Sciences 国外A2
68 Wuquan Ding, Xinmin Liua,., Feinan Hua,c, Hualing Zhua, Yaxue Luoa, Song Lia, Hang Li How particle interaction forces determine soil water infiltration:specific ion effects JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY 国外A2
69 Liu D, Du W, Liu Xm, Tian R, Li H To Distinguish Electrostatic, Coordination Bond, Nonclassical Polarization and Dispersion Forces on Cation-Clay Interactions Journal of Physical Chemistry C 国外A2
70 祁乐,周鹏,杨来淑,高明* Effects of land reclamation on the physical, chemical, and microbial quantity and enzyme activity properties of degraded agricultural soils Journal of Soils and Sediments 国外A2
71 Wei Du, Xinmin Liu, Rui Li,  Rui Tian,  Wuquan Ding, Hang Li1 Theory to describe incomplete ion exchange in charged heterogeneous systems Journal of Soils and Sediments 国外A2
72 Wuquan Ding & Xinmin Liu & Feinan Hu & Hualing Zhu & Yaxue Luo & Song L & Rui Tian1 & Bing Bao &
Hang Li
The effect of interactions between particles on soil infiltrability Journal of Soils and Sediments 国外A2
73 Ying Chen & Rui Tian & Hang Li Phosphorus transportation in runoff as influenced by cationicnon-classic polarization: a simulation study Journal of Soils and Sediments 国外A2
74 Sheng Qian, Shuang Liu, Zhiyong Jiang, Dongli Deng, Bobin Tang, Jinzhong Zhang* Electrochemical degradation of tetracycline antibiotics using a Ti/SnO2-Sb2O3/PbO2 anode: Kinetics, pathways, and biotoxicity change Journal of The Electrochemical Society 国外A2
75 张勇,高升升,李鹏,大西浩平 Specific Reconstruction on pRC Plasmid to Facilitate Its Universal Chromosomal Integration in Different Ralstonia solanacearum Species Complex Strains Molecular plant-microbe interactions 国外A2
76 Yuheng Yang, Tong Zhang* Antimicrobial Activities of Tea Polyphenol on Phytopathogens: A Review Molecules 国外A2
77 Feng D Y, Xu W H*, Zhao W Y, Yang M, He Z M. Advances in Plant Nutrition Diagnosis Based on Remote Sensing. Neural Computing and Applications 国外A2
78 李雄,李沁谊,杨森,杨刚 Swelling of Clay Minerals: Dual Characteristics of K+ ions and Exploration for Critical Influence Factor Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 国外A2
79 Yuanyuan Ran, Hui Chen, Dinglun Ruan, Hongbin Liu, Shuai Wang,Xiaoping Tang, Wei Wu Identification of factors affecting rice yield gap in southwest China: An experimental study PLOS ONE 国外A2
80 Yun-Yi Zhang, Wei Wu, Hongbin Liu Factors affecting variations of soil pH in different horizons in hilly regions PLOS ONE 国外A2
81 X. Li, S. J. Wang, B. H. He1, Y. Frank Chen Disturbance function for soil disturbed state strength based on X-ray computed tomography triaxial test PLOS ONE 国外A2
82 Peng tong, Li chao, Zhou xinbin Application of machine learning to laboratory safety management assessment Safety science 国外A2
83 zhou xin bin, peng tong Application of multi-senor fuzzy information fusion algorithm in industrial safety monitoring system safety science 国外A2
84 Xuanjing Chen, Maryna Strokal, Carolien Kroeze, Lin Ma, Zhenyao Shen, JiechenWu,Xinping Chen, Xiaojun Shi* Seasonality in river export of nitrogen: A modelling approach for the Yangtze River Science of the Total Environment 国外A2
85 Shouqin Zhong, Zhen Han, Jing Du, En Ci, Jiupai Ni Deti Xie & Chaofu Wei Relationships between the lithology of purple rocks and thepedogenesis of purple soils in theSichuan Basin, China Scientific Reports 国外A2
86 Zhen Han , Shouqin Zhong, Jiupai Ni, Zhonglin Shi & Chaofu Wei Estimation of Soil Erosion to Define the Slope Length of Newly Reconstructed Gentle-Slope Lands in Hilly Mountainous Regions Scientific Reports 国外A2
87 Jinping Xue, Dongwei Lyu, Dingyong Wang, Yongmin Wang*, Deliang Yin , Zheng Zhao and Zhijian Mu Assessment of Soil Erosion Dynamics Using the GIS-Based RUSLE Model: A Case Study of Wangjiagou Watershed from the Three Gorges Reservoir Region, Southwestern China Water 国外A2
88 Xinmin Liu*· Rui Tian · Wuquan Ding · Yunhua He · Hang Li Adsorption selectivity of heavy metals by Na‑clinoptilolite in aqueous solutions ADSORPTION-JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL ADSORPTION SOCIETY 国外A3
90 Hongxia Du, Ming Ma, Yasuo Igarashi, Dingyong Wang Biotic and abiotic degradation of methylmercury in aquatic ecosystems: a review. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 国外A3
91 Ma Ming, Du Hongxia, Wang Dingyong A new perspective is required to understand the role of forest ecosystems in global mercury cycle: a review Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 国外A3
92 Yongmin Wang, Deliang Yin, Yuping Xiang, Qinqin Xu, Cheng Zhang, Qing Xie, Dingyong Wang* A Review of Studies on the Environmental Behaviors of Mercury in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 国外A3
93 Qinqin Xu, Cheng Zhang, Li Liang, Dingyong Wang, Zheng Zhao, Ya Wang, Yongmin Wang* Transport dynamics of mercury in rainfall-runoff after summer drought in a small agricultural watershed in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 国外A3
94 黄笑笑,杨刚 Charge Reversal and Anion Effects during Adsorption of Metal Ions at Clay Surfaces: Mechanistic Aspects and Influence Factors Chem. Phys. 国外A3
95 邹温馨,彭景,修维宁,刘新敏* Principles of surface potential estimation in mixed electrolyte solutions: taking into account dielectric saturation Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics 国外A3
96 黄容,刘江,王子芳,高明* Effects of Different Soil Amendments Application on Soil   Aggregate Stability and Soil Consistency under Wetting and Drying Altered Planting System Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 国外A3
97 Yuping Xiang, Hong Shen*, Yongmin Wang, Cheng Zhang, Dingyong Wang* The Draft Genome Sequence of Pseudomonas putida Strain TGRB4, an Aerobic Bacterium Capable of Producing Methylmercury Current Microbiology 国外A3
98 Yan Yea, Jinping Zhang, Jiachun Yang, Jian Li Study on the periodic fluctuations of runoff with multi-time scales based on set pair analysis Desalination and Water Treatment 国外A3
99 Li, Y. J., Yang, M., Zhang, Z. Z., Li, W. L., Guo, C. Y., Chen, X. P., Shi, X. J., Zhou, P., Tang, X. D., Zhang, Y.Q. An Ecological Research on Potential for Zero-growth of Chemical Fertilizer Use in Citrus Production in China Ekoloji 国外A3
100 Nannan Li, Shengting Li, Shufeng Wang, Deti Xie and Feng Luo How Exogenous Cadmium Affects Micronutrients Accumulation and the Related Gene Expression Regulation in Brassica juncea International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 国外A3
101 Jinyu Liu, Caiyun Yang, Yuxin Chi, Donghao Wu, Xianzhu Dai, Xiaohui Zhang, Yasuo Igarashi, Feng Luo Algicidal characterization and mechanism of Bacillus licheniformis Sp34 against Microcystis aeruginosa in Dianchi Lake Journal of Basic Microbiology 国外A3
102 JIN Hui-fangSHI Dong-meiZENG Xiao-yingWANG San-shuDUAN TengLOU Yi-bao Mechanisms  of  root-soil  reinforcement  in  bio-embankments of sloping farmland in the purple hilly area, China Journal of Mountain Science 国外A3
103 Lei Wang,Wei Wu,Hong-Bin Liu Digital mapping of topsoil pH by random forest with residual kriging (RFRK) in a hilly region Soil Research 国外A3
104 Yujie Jiao & Ling Yuan Positive effects of increasing crop diversity in land use on soil microbial biomass, enzyme activity and bacterial community composition Soil Research 国外A3
105 Tong Zhang, Yuheng Yang, Jiupai Ni, Deti Xie Best management practices for agricultural non-point
source pollution in a small watershed based on the AnnAGNPS model
Soil Use and Management 国外A3
106 Feng DY, Huang CR, Xu WH*, Qin YL, Li YH, Li T, Yang M, He ZM. Difference of Cadmium Bioaccumulation and Transportation in Two Ryegrass Varieties and the Correlation between Plant Cadmium Concentration and Soil Cadmium Chemical Forms. Wireless Personal Communications 国外A3